The Rolling Stones Are Releasing a New Album

The Rolling Stones Are Releasing a New Album

The Rolling Stones Are Releasing a New Album

Album with a Difference!

Fans of The Rolling Stones will be eagerly awaiting the release of their newest album, “Blue and Lonesome”, on 2nd December this year. The album is different from all their other albums due to the fact that every single song on it is a cover. This will be their first studio release in eleven years; the last one being “A Bigger Bang”. As the title of the album suggests, all the songs which are being covered are blues songs. The artists who are being covered include Buddy Johnson, Howlin’ Wolf, Little Walter and Willie Dixon. In total, there are 12 covers which make up the album.

A Famous Guest

If you happen to be a big fan of Eric Clapton as well, then you are in luck as he plays the guitar in two of the tracks on the CD. The reason this came about was because Clapton was recording his new album at the same studio as The Rolling Stones. They asked him if he would be so kind as to lend them his famous guitar-playing skills, and he obliged. The songs which he features in are “Everybody Knows About My Good Thing” and “I Can’t Quit You Baby”.

List of Tracks

Below is a list of the twelve covers that can be found on the Album. This is for those of you who want to listen to the original songs before listening to The Rolling Stones’ version of them. We love to do this as it gives us something to compare the songs on the album to when we finally get it. Surely we are not the only ones who like to do this.


  • “Blue and Lonesome” by Memphis Slim
  • “I Can’t Quit You Baby” by Willie Dixon
  • “Commit a Crime” by Howlin’ Wolf
  • “Just Your Fool” by Buddy Johnson
  • “I Gotta Go” by Little Walter
  • “Ride ‘Em On Down” by Eddie Taylor
  • “All of Your Love” by Magic Sam
  • “Just Like I Treat You” by Willie Dixon
  • “Everybody Knows About My Good Thing” by Lermon Horton and Miles Grayson
  • “Hate to See You Go” by Little Walter
  • “Little Rain” by Ewart G. Abner Jr. and Jimmy Reed
  • “Hoo Doo Blues” by Otis Hicks and Jerry West

What to Expect from the Album?

As big fans of The Rolling Stones we are patiently counting down the days until we can get our hands on a copy of their album (just another 46 days). We have already had a taste of what is to come as on the 6th of October they released the single “Just Your Fool”. This is a great rendition of this song and if the rest of the album is just as good, there will definitely be no complaints here. We fully expect this album to be totally epic.